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SkinnSonic® High Frequency Cleansing System

Skinn Cosmetic's SkinnSonic® High Frequency Cleansing System gently removes embedded dirt, oil, pollution, make-up and dead cellular debris to help your skin look brighter, cleaner, healthier, and more beautiful. The SkinnSonic® High Frequency Cleansing System cleanses so well that products absorb better, pores appear smaller, fine lines and wrinkles appear reduced, and your skin's tone and texture improves. With just one minute a day, you can have the most beautiful skin of your life.
Use the SkinnSonic® Ultra High Frequency Cleansing System once or twice a day in the morning and/or at night for approximately one or two minutes. The SkinnSonic® handheld unit has brushes that oscillate back and forth more than 300x per second. For the most effective results gently hold only the tips of the brush head to the skin as pressing down too hard will diminish the cleansing efficiency. Apply AM or PM cleanser to warm, wet skin. Run the brush head over warm water to moisten the bristles. You may apply more cleanser directly to the brush head if necessary. Press the lower button to turn on cleanser, then the upper button to choose the setting. Setting 1: For sensitive skin and works best with the sensitive skin brush; Setting 2: For normal skin and works best with the normal brush head (normal brush head has blue and white bristles); Setting 3: Extraction setting is for use on congested areas and in T-zone; Setting 4: For the decollete, neck, arms, and body. Gently run brush over forehead (about 20 seconds) in small circular movements; then around the cheeks and nose (about 20 seconds) on each cheek and side of nose; then use the extraction mode in T-zone (about 10 seconds); and use the body setting for decollete, neck, and body. Rinse off the brush head and store machine back on the charging base. Rinse cleanser from face and body with lots of warm water.