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Roller Ball Brush Head

The NuSonic system offers the unique cleansing rollerball brush head, which allows you to dispense face cleansing product as you exfoliate, helping you to obtain cleaner and smoother skin. This brush head (with three rollerballs) was designed for the most convenient facial cleansing possible. • The roller ball brush is suitable for anyone with normal skin. For use with Skinn's NuSonic cleansing tool.
To load the head with cleanser, simply twist off the back of the brush head counter clockwise to remove. Fill each of the three pie-shaped chambers with the soap/cleanser to the fill line (almost to the top). Replace the back of brush head by realigning the two locking tabs and twist closed clockwise until tightly shut. After each use, rinse the bristle brushes under running water to remove all traces of soap. Allow to air dry. If makeup is visible on the brush bristles, apply a tiny amount of cleanser and massage until bristles are clean, then rinse. Once a week remove the brush head from the hand held unit and rinse the unit and back side of the brush head with warm water and wipe clean. This will help remove any residual build up. It is recommended that the brush head be replaced every 60-90 days as the bristles become worn and less effective with extended use.