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  • BotaniLift™ Neck Corrector Cream


    BotaniLift Neck Corrector Cream is a luxuriously plush and richly concentrated treatment designed to nurture the delicate skin on the neck for immediate and long-term lifting, firming and brightening effects. Formulated with Skinn’s proprietary AGM Botanical Extract Complex, made up of a luxurious blend of Red Algae Extract originating from arctic Canada, Goji Berry derived from Southeastern Europe, and Maral Root native to Southern Siberia. This synergistic blend is packed with potent antioxidants, peptides, vitamins and fatty acids designed to improve the appearance of sagging skin and uneven texture.  Further enriched with Peony Root to help improve the appearance of skin elasticity, as well as Green Tea Extract to help diminish the look of discolorations–giving you a supple and beautifully radiant glow.

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  • Bright Side Spot Treatment


    Get ready to target and correct the look of discolorations and hyper-pigmentation caused by the sun, genetics and environmental pollutants with our Bright Side Spot Treatment! Formulated with scientifically-advanced antioxidants and anti-dark spot ingredients, this highly-concentrated formula works over time to help restore an even skin tone for a beautifully radiant complexion.

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  • Chin-Up Pro


    It’s time to give your delicate neck area the attention it deserves. As you age, it is one of the first areas to show the advanced signs of damage. Skinn® research shows that neck-aging occurs in two ways: Type A women experience thinning, collapsing brittle skin on the neck that becomes dry and sinks with diminished elasticity (“chicken neck”), while Type B women experience a heavier full neck (“double chin”). Both Type A & B experience age spots and lines on their necks.

    Chin Up Pro-Redensifying Neck Serum treats Type A: This super-strength neck treatment is developed with Skinn’s exclusive Pro-Lift Intense complex to lift, firm and tighten the look of a sagging jawline. Our proprietary formula is further boosted with Essenskin™, Coheliss™ and Renovage™ to help reverse the effects of thinning, dry and fragile skin on the neck and décolleté. Apply it for a redensified, more resilient, deeply hydrated, smooth and even-toned neck line.

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  • Neck Amour – Rich Protein & Probiotic Leave-on Neck Mask


    Rich Protein & Probiotic Leave-On Neck Mask was designed specifically to give extra love and attention to skin on the neck that is thinner and more delicate. This ingredient-rich anti-aging cream is formulated with Rice Protein to increase moisture retention, as well as a Probiotic blend made from 100% pure plant juice derived from jicama to help improve skin radiance with a redefining and smoothing effect.  Also infused with amino- and mineral-rich White Truffle Extract derived from the South of France to help tone the look of uneven skin while also evening out moisture levels, as well as French Black Currant Bud Extract to help promote skin energizing and oxygenating properties. Achieve a younger looking beautiful neck overnight and wake up with serious results.

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    Neck Amour Enzyme Resurfacing Mask


    Combat wrinkles, discolorations and dehydrated looking skin on the neck with this gentle, yet highly effective resurfacing mask. Incredibly potent and rich in botanically derived enzymes, Rice Protein and a probiotic blend made from 100% pure plant juice derived from Jicama to help improve moisture retention, skin radiance and assist in top-layer cell turnover, leaving skin looking dramatically more vibrant, refreshed and youthful.

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  • Restore C3+ Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Boosting Powder


    Target the appearance of dark spots, large pores, and greatly refine the look of skin’s surface with Skinn’s new full-strength Restore C3+ Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Boosting Powder, now formulated with 3 different types of stable forms of Vitamin C. This blend of Ascorbyl Glucoside, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate and Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate will take any skincare treatment to the next level. While Vitamin C is a key part of keeping skin vibrant and healthy looking, ordinary skin treatments often don’t contain enough active Vitamin C to make a difference. These powerful antioxidants help fight free-radicals and promote the appearance of collagen and elastin, allowing skin to look more youthful and radiant—and keeping it that way for years to come!

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