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Many of you have heard me say my mission is to “Bring out the beauty in everyone”, that “What you believe, others perceive”, and that “Astonishing beauty is not a destination, it’s a lifelong journey”. If you are not sure when and where to start your journey, I think Fall is a great time to fix your hair so you can really change your whole look. So let’s start your Fall Makeover with some style advice for your hair!

Your hair makes or breaks you because it’s an extension of your personality. That’s why it’s so important to get your hair color right. There is what I call “fantasy hair” (like Rihanna’s red coifs), and then there is “reality hair” which requires less upkeep and effort to maintain (remember roots aren’t good – period). I’d recommend you go to a great hair stylist. You can ask people whose hair you admire who they use for their hair.

I also recommend you look at a photo of yourself as a child when considering your hair color (up or down a shade, but not too close to your skin color) because it probably will look best on you today. Mother Nature usually gets it right!

Something else to consider is the tone of your skin. Basically, if you are warm skin tone (yellow or golden tinted) go for cool hair color (don’t do red or copper or gold). If you are cool skin tone (pink or blue tinted) choose a warm color (including red, copper, and gold). I do think it’s okay to go both totally cool tones if you have really light skin and are bold enough to go much, much darker with black hair. To figure out if you are warm or cool skin tone, look at your veins in your arms in natural light: Blue veins mean you are Cool; Green veins mean you are Warm.

Another pointer I give my clients (which may sound weird at first) is that you really only need to wash your hair once a week, unless you have super fine hair. Yes, those first seven days may feel awful, but if you wash less frequently (especially longer hair; shorter hair a little more often) your scalp will adjust and your hair will actually start to feel better and look better for a longer time. If you have longer hair, you can brush it to distribute natural oils throughout, which is often better than using hair products on your hair and scalp. If you need, you can put a small amount of baby powder in your hair to lessen the oily feeling. Baby powder soaks up the oil, is an instant degreaser, and will even help give fine hair three or four extra days between shampooing.

Not sure what to do with your hair for 7 days? Here are my tips on how to style your hair each day for a week to keep your new look fresh, fun and fashionable:

Day 1: Your hair is freshly washed, blow it out and wear it down and flowing.
Day 2: This is the day it will look the best and is the most manageable, part your hair in an unexpected side and pin it back for a little bit of a retro look.
Day 3: Pull back into a low ponytail, something easy, pretty and keep that side part.
Day 4: Try a side or fishtail braid, either of which are very popular right now (plenty of how-to’s available on YouTube).
Day 5: Use baby powder to soak up some of the oils, and wear hair down, brush out and re-fluff with a blow dryer on low.
Day 6: Wear with a slim head-band and have your hair pulled away from your face.
Day 7: Add a little more baby powder, if necessary, and wear in a chic chignon (not a bun).

I hope you stay tuned to my Behind the Brush blog for more style advice! Have a great Fall!

Have a Beautiful Day!