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Last week I did a fun segment for NBC Channel 4 News in Los Angeles. Read the write-up, or see the video below.

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Monica came in stretchy waist band pants and a cotton blouse. She had decided not to get in the water but wasn’t sure how to properly fit in with the setting and look age appropriate; she is in her 60s after all. I immediately saw her silver fox potential even if she kept waving no at me. She was also concerned with her dry skin and felt she was too old for shimmery make-up.

• For her make-up look I started with the Plasma Foundation. This will give her a great base all day plus the added benefit of the SPS. To show off her big eyes I used both the shimmery and the matte shades of the Capri Eyeshadows with a heavier coat of mascara and then lined with the Cleopatra Black Smudge Stick. The key is to just place the shimmer in one location and not go overboard on the entire lid. For her lips I used the Glosstick in Naked to give her lips some color and shine but keeping the eyes the main attraction. To finish of her color I dusted her neck and shoulders with the our Automatic Bronzing Brush.

• I know elastic cotton pants are comfortable but they don’t really flatter anyone. Especially with a tucked in blouse. To update her poolside look we styled her in breezy white linen pants with a bright, festive off-the-shoulder tunic and gold sandals.

Monica felt fresh and beautiful and definitely age appropriate. I still couldn’t convince her that she was a silver fox but I could tell she felt like one. This look is comfortable, fun and bright. No matter your age or body type, I believe one feature that always looks great are your shoulders. Show them off!

While all three looks and women are different, here is what they all had in common: defined eyebrows, waterproof eyes and lips, great bold accessories with their outfit and, most importantly, SPF! Before going out in the sun always apply this to your face and body at least a good 20 minutes before heading out and remember to reapply after swimming. I always make sure to have plenty of Skinnsurance near me no matter where I go.

I hope you have enjoyed these makeovers, and remember: parties are for having fun. There are many, many versions of these looks out there, so you shouldn’t have to stress about what to wear or how to fix your make-up.

I had a lot of fun doing these. Here are a couple of quick links to see Part 1 and Part 2. See you at the pool!

Have a Beautiful Day,