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Last week I did a fun segment for NBC Channel 4 News in Los Angeles. Read the write-up, or see the video below.

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They wanted me to create three complete and distinct looks for women invited to a pool party. We chose three women of different ages, different body types and different ethnicities and gave them each a unique, fun, creative and completely do-able look for anyone. This is Part One.

We asked them to arrive in what they would wear to a pool party.

My first subject was a 22-year old college student. She wanted a look that made her appear a little more grown up and glamorous. Natasha arrived in T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops, no make-up, and her hair was just combed back where she could pull it up to a pony tail.

• For her make-up she has oily skin but didn’t need much coverage. She also wanted to get in the pool and not have to redo her make-up. I used a matte bronzer to sculpt her face and give her a sun-kissed look. For her eyes I used Cleopatra Black Smudge Stick and Capri Eyeshadows. For her lips I used my new Tint & Shine in Ciao Bella. And that was it.

• To give her the grown up and glamorous look, I switched out her T-shirt and shorts for a flowing modern tunic that doubled as a sun dress with her bathing suit underneath. Instead of flip-flops we styled her in wedged sandals to give her the height of a heel but keep the comfort of sandals.

Natasha felt just as comfortable is this look as she did in her previous clothes but felt 100% more glamorous and in style. This look is perfect for young gals that want a more grown up look plus it can easily be taken from day to night. To make this look work on more mature women or modest dressers use a tunic that is not as sheer, but the wedges are great for anybody at any age.

Check back to see the other women and their success stories throughout the week. Here’s a quick link to see Part 2 and Part 3.

Have a Beautiful Day,