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When I travel to Australia for my shows and I get a craving for Greek food, I simply must visit Medusa Greek Taverna in downtown Sydney. They are delicious! You’ve probably heard me mention it before in my shows. Plus, Lena, the famed restaurant proprietor, is delightful!

After what’s always an awesome meal, I usually swear I’m full and couldn’t have another bite–that is, until I cave in and order dessert. But not just any dessert, I order the “Medusa”, their exquisite and exclusive dessert made up of Ouzo, Strawberries, Pomegranate Coulis, Anise Ice Cream and Rose Water Fairy Floss (my mouth waters just writing this). I love it so much that I asked the owner if I could share the recipe of my most favorite dessert with you. Lena said ‘yes’!

Here are the Ingredients:
• One large container of strawberries (halved or sliced in thirds)
• One container of raspberries
• 3 tbsp. of Ouzo Greek Liqueur (available at most fine liquor stores)
• 3 tbsp. of powdered sugar
• ½ cup pomegranate juice (I like to use Pom brand)
• Vanilla ice cream

Here are the Directions to make one at home:
1) On high, blend together raspberries, Ouzo, pomegranate juice, and sugar.
2) Pour through a strainer into storage container – this is called a “coulis.”
3) Add the strawberries so that the coulis permeates them well and refrigerate until ready to use.
4) Place one scoop of good vanilla ice cream into a martini glass, and pour coulis over scoop.
5) Spoon strawberries on top as desired. Note, when you pour the coulis & strawberries mixture over the ice cream it will drizzle down. Pour more coulis over strawberries.

Medusa serves it topped with Rose Water Fairy Floss, and sprinkled with icing (powdered sugar).

When I travel halfway around the world from America to Australia, it takes a toll on me, but this delectable concoction is a small pleasure that always makes my day. It’s the most delicious dessert I’ve ever had. Please let me know if you try this and share your favorite dessert recipe with me.

Have a Delicious Day,