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Fernanda Romero Gets Youthful, Glowing Skin Post-Delivery with PEP40

Fernanda Romero Gets Youthful, Glowing Skin Post-Delivery with PEP40

Actress and new mom Fernanda Romero was preparing herself for the battles her skin and body would face during the first few months of her child’s life, when she began using our Collagenesis® PEP40 anti-aging line. This best-selling skincare line addresses a multitude of skincare concerns from aging to dry skin to discoloration. It’s safe to say it’s a match made in post-pregnancy heaven!

Let’s see how just a few months of using Skinn products combatted Fernanda’s post-delivery skin issues.

Fernanda started by adding PEP40 Crème Riche to her nightly skincare regimen to combat dryness and decrease any fine lines and wrinkles she may have accrued during her pregnancy. “Overall, after only a couple months of using this product, my skin has completely firmed up, brightened and now exudes a youthful glowing appearance throughout the entire day! Thanks to Crème Riche’s powerful blend of actives and peptides, my fatigue is no longer obvious. It’s almost as if the product completely masked the effects this pregnancy had on my face,” says Romero.

To tackle the issue of tired, puffy eyes from lack of sleep (hello, newborn!), Fernanda looked to our new PEP40 Sérum Eye. Powered by a proprietary matrixed blend of high-performance peptides with vitamins, extracts, oils and special actives, these highly efficacious formulas come together to lift the upper lid and smooth, moisturize and brighten the lower lid region.

She explains, “Believe me when I say my eyes no longer look puffy like they did a month ago! In fact, they look super hydrated and refreshed. It’s almost as if I was never pregnant at all!”

When she wears makeup, Fernanda’s secret weapon for priming is our Oleo Serum. Each use of this refined treatment infuses the skin with time-released olive oil nutrients that deliver antioxidant and anti-pollution benefits to enhance and maintain the skin’s softness and vitality.

Interested in hearing from more aficionados making waves in the world of health and beauty? Stay tuned for more stories coming soon, and shop the regimen below!


Collagenesis® PEP40 Sérum Eye Multi-Matrix 40% Peptide Complex

Collagenesis® PEP40 Crème Riche Multi-Matrix 40% Peptide Complex

Oleo Serum