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“I realized I was never going to change how those big companies do business—I needed to change the nature of the very industry.”

As a professional makeup artist working with the world’s most iconic cosmetics houses, Dimitri James uncovered the beauty industry’s ugly secret: the big money is spent on everything BUT the product. Park Avenue offices…glitzy global ad campaigns…department store counter space…high-gloss packaging—these all drive up product prices, without increasing the value of what’s in the jar.

When he founded Skinn Cosmetics in 2002, Dimitri made it his personal mission to focus not on the superficial exterior, but on putting meaningful, effective ingredients inside the jar. Using the time-honored tradition learned from his mother and grandmothers, Dimitri formulates each Skinn product using only the most potent active naturals—without unnecessary water, fillers or expensive packaging.

Today, Skinn is a top-selling international brand with an innovative, low-overhead distribution strategy. We don’t have expensive retail shops or Manhattan headquarters; you won’t see costly magazine or primetime television ads. What we do have are some of the finest skincare and cosmetics ever made. Our company motto—Genuine Beauty Begins With Skinn™—is something we live each and every day.