Post-Summer Skin Rehab

If you spent Summer intoxicated by the gorgeous weather, it’s time to snap out of your sun daze and check your skin into rehab. Skinn Cosmetics makes it a breeze to bring your dull, dehydrated skin back to life!

Start from the ground up with Skinn’s sweet-smelling Foot Fetish Heel Balm. The scent of citrus will take you back to the beach while Vitamins A, C and E, Shea Butter, and Jojoba Oils work together to undo the damage caused by Summer days spent barefoot. The application glides on like butter yet absorbs quickly to smooth, hydrate and exfoliate rough or cracked feet, revealing your most silky, petal-soft skin yet!

Next, erase away dead skin, fine lines and clogged pores with DermAppeal. Use the at-home microdermabrasion treatment on your face up to twice per week to resurface and reveal glowing skin. But don’t let the exfoliating stop there! Let your lips in on the fun with our Sugar Lips: Strawberry Daiquiri. The blend, made with real sugar and special butters, scrubs away flaky, chapped or sunburned lips, leaving you with a perfectly polished pout. The delicious concoction will make kissing Summer goodbye a little less bitter and a lot more sweet!

Lastly, drench your thirsty skin in the antioxidants it most desires with our Wrinkle Soak Age-Defying Hydrating Mask with Watermelon Extract. Watermelon is more than just a refreshing Summer snack–its active ingredients can have the same effect on your skin too! Acquacell Watermelon Extract and Apple Saccharides work together to submerge your skin in natural moisturizers. The result is a deeply hydrated, plump, glowing complexion.

While it might be hard to let go of Summer, it’s time to give your skin a break and a boost back to reality! By following my regimen, your skin will be healed and performing at its full potential in no time.


Dimitri James is a professional makeup artist and licensed esthetician whose work has graced the runway and the red carpet as well as national and international television shows and magazines. [Read More]