Starry-eyed fireworks, the 10-second countdown, a midnight kiss with that special someone…Some New Years traditions should remain the same…but rocking last year’s look is not one of them. Sport your sparkles and cheers your champagne with sensuous poise this new year in my sultry look: “Smoke Show”… Let the bubbly do the talking and capture […]

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Post-Summer Skin Rehab

If you spent Summer intoxicated by the gorgeous weather, it’s time to snap out of your sun daze and check your skin into rehab. Skinn Cosmetics makes it a breeze to bring your dull, dehydrated skin back to life! Start from the ground up with Skinn’s sweet-smelling Foot Fetish Heel Balm. The scent of citrus […]

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Secrets to Stunning Summer Skin

Avoid sweaty, sun-induced makeup mishaps this Summer with my secrets to ensure stunning and flawless looking skin! The Summer Months can be especially hot and sticky. Combat oil and keep your makeup in place through every outdoor barbecue or poolside party by beginning your beauty routine with a mattefying foundation and primer. Next, enhance your […]

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