Post-Holiday Complexion Rehab

Is your complexion still recovering from the aftershock of the holidays? Get healthy, vibrant skin in 2017 and beat the beauty blues with my New Year Skin Rehabilitation tips! The delicate eye area is the first sign of fatigue, just one late night can be an uphill battle for your skin. My EyeMergency Hydrogel Eye […]

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Holiday Party Looks

With the holidays and New Year just around the corner, a slew of parties, events and social gatherings are sure to slam your schedule. Considering all the busyness that this season brings, finding the perfect holiday look can easily get lost in the shuffle. Fear not – I’ve got your dazzling, holiday style covered! Simple […]

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Dimitri’s Favorite Fall Essentials

Your wardrobe changes with the seasons, so why shouldn’t your beauty routine? Bundle up with a cozy sweater and your favorite hot beverage as you check out my favorite Fall Essentials, creating a season-ready look with just three simple steps and products. As the leaves change, deepen your eyeshadow colors with layers of warm, rich […]

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