Get The Holiday Look

Nov 03, 2017

Get the look inspired by this seasons’ flawless combo, the cute kitten flick with a daring red lip! The holidays are the perfect excuse to turn up the drama on your eyes and lips. Our Caviar Lip Cream (Scarlet) and Luxe Waterproof Eyeliner (Rich Black) can help you do just the trick!


How-To Eyes:

  1. Keep your eyelid softly closed.
  2. Start at the middle of the lash line and draw a straight line. Go straight out, and then let go. The line will be slightly lifted.
  3. Trace a thin line from the inner corner of the eye until it meets the beginning of the line that was just created.
  4. Remember to keep the line on the inner corner of the eye thin and gradually wing it out to a peak.


How-To Lips:

  1. Start at the center of the lip.
  2. Begin working the color onto the mouth. Follow the natural shape of the lips, focusing on the middle.
  3. Blot away any excess lip color with a clean tissue and apply another coat.


Caviar Lip Cream (Scarlet) / Luxe Waterproof Eyeliner (Rich Black)

Size: 0.18oz (5ml) / 0.07oz (0.2g)

Special Price: $15.00

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